[20 mg] IVG Salts, 10 ml

?Blue raspberry ?Forest berries ice ?Frozen cherries ?Green energy ?Iced melonade ?Kiwi lemon cool ?Paradise lagoon ?Pina colada ?Riberry lemonade ?Tropical ice blast ?Rainbow Blast ?Cola ice

[20 mg] Vampire Vape Nic Salts

?Heizenberg – This award-winning flavour has been named the daddy of all day vapes! The 10ml Heisenberg Nic Salts are a fruity blend of mixed red berries with an ice-cold menthol burst. Taste the cool menthol breeze while experiencing the intense flavour of ripe fruit which is refreshing and cool. ?Pinkman – Pinkman Nic Salts are bursting with a refreshing …

[3/6 mg] Liqua MIX, 10 ml

?Shisha Mix ?Cranberry Blast ?Ice Fruit ?Mango Milkshake ?NY Cheesecake ?Pina Coolada ?Strawberry Yogurt VG/PG >> 65%/35%

[20 mg] Fusion Nic Shot

Fusion Nic Shot, 10 ml ?[20 mg] VG/PG = 50/50 (regular nicotine) Fusion Salt Nic Shot, 10 ml ?[20 mg] VG/PG = 50/50 (salt nicotine)

[0/3/6/12 mg] Nasty Juice, 10 ml

?Blackcurrant ?Blackcurrant + lemonade ?Honey Dew (melon) ?Green Mango ?Green Apple ?Strawberry ?Pineapple ?Grape [0/3 mg] >> VG/PG >> 70%/30% [6/12 mg] VG/PG >> 50%/50%