Big Mouth Flavor Concentrates

Premixed Flavor Concentrate, 10 ml + empty 50 ml bottle

BIG MOUTH is your PREMIUM all-day-vape juice. We analyzed the market, gathered the most popular and bestselling mixes of flavors in the world. Strong and pleasant flavors, high aroma levels are often found in e-liquids from USA. Subtle and natural flavors, continuous aftertaste and unique aroma compositions come from Paris, the capital of flavors. All of this can be found in the new BIG MOUTH e-liquids and flavor concentrates.

Ticky time: A combination of iced mints with some blasting bursting fruits giving you only positive emotions for the rest of the day and cooling you off when you need it most.
Fruity jelly: An unforgettable taste of tropical fruits with some cold jelly. Sour orange for some pleasantness in your life, biting grapefruit to bite off your sleepiness, sour lime for an instant boost and bitter lemon to bring some wildness into your life.
Cherix: crushed ice frost cools and refreshes you while the cherry candy satisfies you into a sweet mood temptation bringing you harmony,peace and enjoyment at once.
Fantasia: Dont panic. Let dizziness of an orange lemonade drink wash your stress off making you relax and stop for a minute and the harsh orange grapefruit will boost your energy up to the limits that you cant even imagine.
Nixels: You have only one way to make the right decision. This delicious and unique taste with golden caramel, crispy peanuts and creamy milk chocolate will make your days more joyful, tasty and sweet.
Tundra Tea: Iced green tea full of freshness combined with melon and lemon flavor.
Smooth Aloe Vera: Slightly sweet, a little refreshing, but absolutely delicious and delicate Aloe Vera flavor.
Skates: Want to try something really fruity? Skates flavor is a mix of many sweet and juicy fruit.
Kapri: Refreshing lemonade full fruity flavor mainly with lime, cherry and strawberry. Your taste buds will enjoy every puff.
Fantasia sharkata: The rich mix of citrus fruits full of sweet and sour flavor. This popular drink could be in your e-cigarette too.
Chip munks: The best flavor for your sweet tooth. Bonbons with unusual honeydew flavor will immediately become your favorite.
Bounty hunter: Sweet delight from the tropics. Coconut bar in a delicious chocolate has no competition.
Beast: Treat yourself with your favorite energy drink in electronic cigarette. Big Mouth Beast brings you the typical flavor.
Ralf cake: Your most delicious coconut shaving candy now combined with a creamy luscious cake, baked and
made for our most beloved sweet tooths.
Ice tea: When there is no choice left on a blazing hot summer day this is your redemption – your favourite tea,
now iced and seasoned with limes and lemons.
Beast sunrise: The night passed away, a new day is coming, and the sun is rising with the beast inside you, now
filled with fresh lemons, ripe limes, and extremely juicy oranges just to make your perfect day.
Worms party: The music is banging, the worms are dancing, various drinks are being served, and everything is
Crazy lollipop: Multi flavoured, multi coloured lollies with various berries are now here – to conquer.
Fizzy black: Your favourite fizzy cola, can now be in your vaping device anywhere. Enjoy the pure black fizziness anywhere, anytime.
Beast – melon kick: Beast flavour is already popular among those who love energy drinks. This new edition of Beast has a good sour melon flavour and isnt overly sweet. Forget that you are thirsty with this summer-style flavour everywhere.
Bubble Trouble: its a type of bubble with the only trouble – to make you feel the popping taste of your favorite chewing gum. Stop chewing, start vaping.
Huberts Bubble: It is Huberts bubblepopping the taste of your favorite chewing gum. Stop chewing start vaping.
Watermelon Chipmunks: Your childhood and your present combined into one – here.

All loved up
Viva Mexico: Taste Mexico. Treat yourself with a refreshing drink combining cactus and lemon.
Ready steady: Thats what you get picking this mix with sugary strawberries, sappy cherries, black currants and some sentimental licorice with a spice of menthol in every puff.
Juicy melons: Melon or watermelon? Why not both? Melon bomb in cocktail form.
Huggable: Apple, pineapple, cherry, banana, strawberry and raspberry – all in a wonderful mix.
Filipina: Relaxing summer afternoon would not be complete without a proper cocktail. Try distinctly sweet dragon fruit, accompanied by raspberries and peaches.
Hawaii bliss: A fresh tangerine with natural peach n pears will make you feel like youre on an island already. Meanwhile, a kiwi with an apple will strengthen you and reinforce your mind to a brand-new thinking.
Full zest: Were giving you a perfect combination of a just squeezed melon juice and a perfectly pinched big watermelon.
Yeah dude: A mix of four long-branded, long-lasting tobaccos topped with a little bit of sweet bee honey and a spice of a harsh cinnamon.
Huggable: Black currants with a red syrupy cherry, covered with a mystery menthol will make you want to hug your set of vape instantly.
Ready Steady: Thats what you get picking this mix with sugary strawberries, sappy cherries, black currants and some sentimental licorice with a spice of menthol in every puff.

WATERMELON | TANGERINE | LIME: Lime and tangerine creates a citrus storm and with watermelon create incredibly refreshing flavor.
PINEAPPLE | STRAWBERRY | MANGO: Tropical combination of pineapple and mango is no brainer. But when you add ripe strawberries, you get a unique mix that is just perfect.
LEMON | ORANGE | RASPBERRY: This is citrus dominated flavor with lemon and orange. However it is pleasantly underlined with a sweet raspberry.
COCONUT | RASPBERRY | BANANA: Ripe bananas sprinkled with coconut and complemented with sweet raspberries. Little forest berries for your tropical treats.
PEACH | LEMON | TEA: Pleasant and refreshing tea with peach and lemon flavor. The best for all-day vape.
GUAVA | PINEAPPLE | LIME: These three things should come to your head when you hear the mix of a fresh guava, a juicy pineapple, and a harsh lime.
APPLE | DRAGON FRUIT | PEAR: A sweet pear to candy-coat your life a bit. A luscious apple to sweeten your life and a dragon fruit for a great, great challenge.
PEAR | PEACH | KIWI: A tasty, marvelous mix of pear n peach kiwi will do all the hard work.

Smooth summer
WCPTH: This flavor brings concentrated extract of summer. Watermelon and the honeydew melon are easily combined with tangerines, apricots and cherries. The best summer pleasure in each puff.
SAPBG: This unique combination starts ordinary, with strawberry jam and blackberries. Exotic stop adds excellent pineapple and aloe vera. Gooseberries join this flavor in the finish.
POGPR: It could be called The Red Bomb. Mix of pomegranate, red currant, grapefruit, orange syrup and passion fruit. Indescribably delicious fruit flavor.
LBMBC: Icy lemon juice with red berries, fresh Mexican cactus and sour black currant.
LFTLW: Lemonade with wild strawberries and lime, combined with tropical mango and hint of forest blueberry.
JGBIC: While the distinctive sweet candy floss fights with tart freshness of green apple and juicy lime, icy pear flavor comes across with just the right zest.
FCAPB: Frozen berry juice provides the base for fine cranberry, unique arctic cloudberry, fresh pomelo and sweet black cherry.
MQEAD: Malaysian Apple, Quince, Energy Strike, Apricot, Dark Jelly.
OPBSD: Orange Juice, Peach, Black Grape, Sweet Banana, Dragon Fruit.

Retro Juice
PEACH & RASPBERRY: Do you feel mellow peach sugariness? This will take you to sweet euphoria and tasty raspberries will fulfill all your desires.
APPLE & PEAR: An apple and a pear is rock ‘n’ rolling with your tongue.
ORANGE & GUAVA: The mysterious Guava will bring slow harmonical and tropical vibes to your mouth and your tongue will start dancing in no time.
WATERMELON & GRAPEFRUIT: The taste of watermelon flavour will bring summer to you and grapefruit will cause a thirst for adventure.
STRAWBERRY & LEMON: Combining these juicy, yummy berries with some sour lemon will bring you a very strong duo, which is a sweet and breathtaking form of excitement.
LEMON & CACTUS: If you are tired of all the intense tension at work, sadness and you are depressed from the day after day routine, cactus flavor will wake and revive up your soul. The bitter lemon and lime will bring joy to your life again letting you get ready for anything you are up to and make your day exclusive.

CINNAMON CEREAL: Dreaming and remembering your childhood right now when you’re distressed from work and your deliberate adult life? Then your salvation is right here. Your favourite breakfast with cini mini cereal now could be in your vaping set. Try to refuse this? Would you be able?
BAKED LEMON PIE: Need something sour n sweet in your life at one time? You adore sugariness, but at the same time you crave for tartness? Feel like you need something exclusive? This is the right choice for you. A hot, just baked juicy lemon pie will give you all the feelings you need for a great day/week/month maybe even years.
SWEET WATERMELON: Summer vibes inside your vape set. Is there anything better? Grab your fresh watermelon berry jelly with a trace of mint and delicious lollipops. Let yourself be transformed into a new better person giving you the emotions you never felt before. Limited edition.
CREAMY TOFFEE: sweetness, satisfaction, greatness everything all in one.You can have it only with this unforgettable creamy, tasty, full-flavour American chocolate toffee. The taste will take you to your never-ending dreams. Try it now, at the highest quality.

The Candy Shop
I’ll take you to Cinnamon Marshmallow Cake: A Fresh and maximum sweet cinnamon cake seasoned with marshmallows will take you back to your childhood.
I’ll take you to Strawberry Syrup Pancakes: Grab this syrupy strawberry pancake covered with really sweet and delicious syrup.
I’ll take you to Lemon Meringue Pie: Remember your childhood and your grandmothers sweet lemon meringue pie.
I’ll take you to Jelly Beans: The combination of tropical fruits, passion fruits and sweet berries is going to make you wild. Give it a try and never regret.
I’ll take you to Fruity Lollipops: We give you your favourite childhood candies – lollipops in a juicefull fruity mix.
I’ll take you to Zingy Punch: Look no further than Zingy Punch as i has all flavours in one place, such as a cold coconut and juicy carbonated juice with a watermelon. Need some inspiration? Weve assembled some of our favourite orangess, mango and cherries. Dont feel intimidated by this nice spice of lemon, lime red currants and ice cream.
I’ll take you to Dark Jelly: Rich purple juice of blackberries and apples, delicious fruity goodness? That part is the best! The rest is amazing too. Soft sweet slices of apricot and figuia, melted gel pieces mixed with wild blueberries, subtle black currants and a melon on the top those are all pretty amazing.
I’ll take you to Aloe Lollipops: But now, were giving you the opportunity to connect your favourite drink to your favourite candy letting you have it at any time in any place. A refreshing lollipop sweetened with a drink that everyone knows as aloe vera.
I’ll take you to Ice Pop: Walking down the street, on a hot tropical day. Didn’t feel the rain for a week? The muggy weather is making you uncomfortable? Theres always a solution. Grab our refreshing, new, fruity ice popsicles and forget your worries. Let the mix in your vape set handle everything.

Rainbow Toast: Are you making sandwiches for yourself in the morning? Do you like to make them with some
kind of jam? Or maybe you like them with something else?
Angel Cake: Your favourite cake with cream, sugar and vanilla on top, it will make you believe in everything again.
Cookie Shot: Why don‘t you choose your favourite delicious chocolate cookie shot filled with the fresh milk.
Cannoli: Fresh and sweet, creamy filling ricota cannoli is now here.
American Pancake: Do you adore your freshly made pancakes with strawberry syrup filling on top in the morning
Macaroon Ice Cream Sandwich: The beloved worldwide known Macaroons and your favourite vanilla, luscious caramel ice cream in a best sweet sandwich you can get.
Your Favourite Smoothie: But there is a salvation – your favourite ripe, fresh, juicy fruit smoothie can be in your pocket now – anytime
Bubble Waffle: Worldwide known, everyone’s beloved, absolutely delicious bubble waffles with luscious, sweet,
syrupy ice-cream inside with a ripe cherry on top, just to juice you up for the beginning of your day.
Loop Churros: Loopy journey is going to start once you‘ll try this churros filled with cream and candies. The Cream
will get you going and the candies will palm your sweet heart.

Recommended ratios to make your e-juice:

With a base of PG/VG 70/30%: 8% flavor concentrate
With a base of PG/VG 50/50% : 10% flavor concentrate
With a base of PG/VG 30/70% : 12% flavor concentrate
With a base of 100% VG: 15% flavor concentrate

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