[20 mg] [10 mg] Nasty Juice Salt, 10 ml

?Slow Blow – Pineapple Lemonade
?Bad Blood – Blackcurrant
?ASAP Grape – Grape Punch
?Trap Queen – Strawberry
?Hippie Trail – Lemon Lime
?Bloody Berry – Raspberries combined with sweet and sour lemonade
?Cushman Banana – Mango & Banana
?Devil Teeth – Honeydew Melon
?Fat Boy – Green Mango
?Double Apple – combination of sweet red apples, mixed together with sour green apples
?Grape Raspberry – Grapes blended together with fresh, sweet and succulent raspberries.
?Green Ape – mix of sweet and sour Green Apples
?Menthol – cold sensation with hints of sweetness
?Sicko Blue – blue raspberries mixed with sweet ripe berries.
?Stargazing – Blueberries with subtle notes of mint.
?Gold Blend – rich tobacco and subtle hints of almonds
?Bronze Blend – Caramel tobacco

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