HIGS Longfill, 10 ml

The line is available in several parts. Each bottle is a mixture of a unique cocktail, with a unique story and creation approach.
Especially for you, we have developed 4 popular directions so that you can find the right taste for yourself.

HIGS Longfill – for those who want to freely control the strength of nicotine and the intensity of flavors in the bottle. HIGS Shortfill for those who want to steam an already finished product. Due to the practicality of using the bottles, they will allow you to conveniently mix the base with nicotine, without unnecessary leaks, as well as the function “squeeze everything, to the last drop.”

?Fruitberry – The combination of cranberries and strawberries gives this taste incredible freshness. A great symbiosis of sweetness and energy. Great choice for young and active people.
?Fresh – The fresh taste of mint awakens and refreshes. Universal aroma for those who prefer freshness and simplicity.
?Bakery – The classic taste of cream cake is an ideal solution for sweet lovers. This pleasant taste will remind you of the atmosphere of warm, homemade and traditional pastries.
?Tobacco – The rich spicy taste of tobacco, in which notes of a gentle cream are traced. This taste is perfect for those who have just moved from smoking regular cigarettes to vaping.

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