Vampire Vape 10 ml

Smooth Western: A smooth tobacco flavour for all the old school tobacco lovers
Virginia: A smokey raw American tobacco flavour great for all tobacco lovers
Vamp Toes: A twist on the mixed berry juice – vimto, fruity & delicious – tastes nothing like a vampire’s toe!
Rainbow skull: Rainbow Skull – Taste the citrus rainbow and the deadly bite it gives you! (Not for wimps!)
Berries: A mix of all the sweetest & juiciest summer berries
Blackcurrant: A full juicy sweet Blackcurrant flavour just like the Blackcurrant chews
Strawberry milkshake: A classic creamy strawberry milkshake blend that will hit you with a bang
Strawberry & Kiwi: A perfect take on a classic collaboration of succulent strawberry and juicy kiwi.
Blood Sukka: Blood Sukka comes with one hell of a bite, a combination of cherries, berries, red fruits, sweet eucalyptus, aniseed and menthol
Heisenberg: A top secret recipe that can only be described as the daddy of all day vapes. A fruity undertone and a cool crystal after sensation
Koolada: Ready to give your liquid a true frosty kick! Koolada will help you give your mixes a real fresh taste and a frozen exhale.
Cool Blue Slush: A sweet blend of blueberry and raspberry with a refreshing and cool exhale. Just like the classic bright blue slushies!
Berry Menthol: Juicy mixed berries bursting with the purest crushed menthol crystals
Cool Red Slush: A sweet blend of raspberry and strawberry with a refreshing and cool exhale. Just like the classic bright red slushies!
Pinkman: A flavour that will want all you fruity vapers wondering why we didn’t make this sooner. A mouth watering fruit explosion on your taste buds is about to erupt!


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